Sunday, March 23, 2014

Visiting an Old Friend

Emma and I visited the Warrior Ridge covert yesterday. I've hunted this cover for years, it's not a big place just two wet weather runs a couple of hundred yards long separated by a 1/5 of a mile of oak in pole timber stage. Unassuming looking, but it always holds birds when the flights are moving and I've found a nest or two of locals there too.
A few minutes out of the truck and Emma had found one. In the thick cover it didn't let me get much of a pic.
She didn't find any more along the first run so we made our way through the open timber to the second run. Although Emma hunted it hard it looked like we were a day or two late and this was all we found.

As we made our way back to the truck, we worked our way through a sliver of cover above the old logging road. There Emma found our second bird.

As so often has been the case, the Warrior Ridge covert had once again given us an enjoyable hour long experience.

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