Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lightning does strike twice

Two years ago "out of the blue" Colette the little 16 gauge Belgium guild hammergun came into my life. Due to unforeseen circumstances her owner Mark Larson had to make the hard decision to sell her and gave me first chance. I quickly scooped her up and thought that this little gem would be my "go to" gun for the rest of my hunting life. About a week ago an email from Mark set my heart to racing once again. He had decided to sell his 16 gauge Husqvarna Model 44 that he had rescued for the scrap pile at Simpson Ltd. I had admired her every time Mark had posted pics of her on the website as he worked his magic to turn her from an ugly duckling into the beauty she was when she was built sometime in the 1880's. I didn't need her but I had to have her for the rare beauty that she is. So without further ado let me introduce you to "Helga" my newest Scandinavian beauty.

She sports 31 inches of beautiful Damascus barrels.

With exquisite engraving on all her metal surfaces.

Her full and modified chokes will have to be opened up for my Allegheny Mountain grouse and woodcock coverts before fall comes around. Colette will have some competition this fall as I reach into the gunsafe to see who gets to share the day in my coverts with the dogs and I.