Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pics from Heaven & Random News

Work and cataract surgery on both my eyes have keep me from blogging for awhile. Also spring planting various trees on my 40 acre "piece of heaven" has kept me busy. Thought I'd throw up some pics for anyone who cares to look. This is part of the "back 40" that I brushhog to keep it in grasses. If not the birch and oak would soon take over.

We've had a really wet spring as you can see in the tire tracks. That doesn't bode well for the grouse chicks.

The vernal pond is brimming full with water and wildlife.

A poor pic but some of the tadpoles that hatched out from the spring rains.

Another section of the "back 40". The blackberry thorns would love to take over. There are Norway spruce planted in the center of the feed strip.

The crabapples are already starting to form.

This doesn't look like much but it's one of 10 persimmon trees that hopefully someday will make a small grove of wildlife food.

Now that the planting all done, its just mowing and keeping an eye on tent caterpillars and other insects that want to make a meal out of my labor.

One other thing to mention is that I sent Elin one of my Husky doublebarrels out to visit with Mark Larson. Mark is removing the prince of wales grip that is too small for me and giving her a straight grip. A new longer tang and recheckering is also part of the job. I'll have pics of her new look by the end of June or first of July. Should also be hitting the streams for smallmouths by then.