Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chalmer & Martha Together Again

Growing up on a farm my wife's dad worked the land with 2 tractors, a 861 Ford Powermaster and a 641 Ford Workmaster. After her parents passed away she was able to buy the 861 at the farm sale but the 641 was bought by a farmer that lived down the valley from her home. Over the years she has vowed to someday own the little 641. Last week her vow came true.

The smile says it all.

My wife Janet on "Martha" the 641 named after her mom and Caleb on "Chalmer" the 861  named after her dad. For many years they sat side by side in her dad's tractor shed, now they sit side by side in ours.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Morning Fish with Caleb

Hiked in to the Enchanted Pool section of the creek Sunday morning with Caleb. We stopped and tried the Deep Pool section on the way up the creek.

A few small Rock Bass were all that we could coax into biting so we moved upstream.
 The Enchanted Pool, as beautiful as ever, was slow to give up any of it's treasures.
I finally was able to hook this 14 incher which turned out to be the best fish of the day.
A Longeared Sunfish proved that it could get a 4 inch plastic worm and 2/0 hook into it's mouth.
Caleb with a small but feisty Smallie in the Long Stretch Pool.
 The Long Stretch gave us the most action today.
A nice healthy Smallmouth. Fish like this make the long walk worth it.
This little fella was fishing on the other side of the creek.
The Cardinal flowers were in bloom giving the creekbank a splash of color.
On the way back downstream this strange fungi caught our attention so I paused for a pic. So our morning ended with no lunkers caught but never the less an enjoyable morning shared with Caleb. Hopefully we'll be able to get out for another adventure before the summer ends

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Water

I fished a new section of stream on Monday morning. The terrain of this stream varies widely from level fields of corn and hay to steep near vertical ridges making some sections very hard to access. This pic doesn't really show the steep descent to the stream but it's the only one I thought to take.
In this pic you see a large rock outcropping on the left side of the stream. Deep water made me climb up the ridge using roots and small trees for handholds.

The water was slightly stained but I managed to catch several nice healthy looking smallies in the 9 to 11 inch range.

Your never alone when your fishing a stream. This little fella was out for a late breakfast.

Then he decided the eating might be better on the other side of the stream.
All to soon my watch said that it was time to head back to the truck. It was a good morning spent on new water and I filed this section of stream in the back of my mind to return again someday.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Gem

With my big water not giving up many smallmouths I traveled to my little Gem of a stream that never seems to let me down. Although I had planned to walk downstream to the RailRoad pool, I tossed a purple Carrot into the Bridge pool and immediately caught a  feisty 8 inch smallie. It was just a little after 6 AM so the pic is a little dark.
I started upstream into the Bridge pool and never looked back. My first four casts got me two smallies and two missed strikes. After I lost the Carrot to a missed strike I tied on a Mustard Seed Crayfish, the smallies seemed to like it too.
All too soon it too was torn up and was replaced by an Oxblood colored Crayfish. I tossed it farther upstream in the pool and was rewarded with a solid strike. I knew I had a "nice" one as she made the little Daiwa scream with several deep runs through out the pool. Slowly I worked her into the shallows and I had my prize.
17 inches of battling Smallmouth. A nice fish most anywhere, a real trophy in this small stream.
I continued my way upstream catching several more Smallies and RockBass.
I shared the water with an Osprey and a Kingfisher this morning, but this Hummingbird far across the stream was the only one who held still for a pic.
After a couple of hours my back told me it was time to call it a day and head back to the truck. I didn't mind as it had been a wonderful morning with cooperative smallies in a beautiful setting.