Saturday, February 25, 2012

One Final Point

With the warm weather we've had I took Hattie for a short run in a local woodcock covert. In about a month she will be 12 years old and although she looks in good shape her hearing is almost gone. Several times I saw her looking for me with my yells and whistle blasts never attracting her attention. Only when she happened to look my way and see me waving my arms was she able to locate me. It scared me to have so little control over her and the thought of losing her has made me consider that her time in the woods is soon over. Thankfully she was able to find and point a woodcock for me to enjoy for perhaps the last time . As we made our way back to the truck with her safely on a leash the flood of memories of all the times we've spent in the woods together came rushing back and it was a sad walk indeed.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Predators are alive and well in these mountains

These pics came from a trail cam belonging to the husband of a girl that works with my wife. They were taken in just a 24 hour period.