Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Harrier Hawk Covert

Thicket and I took a preseason run yesterday through the Harrier Hawk Covert in search of woodcock.  A reclaimed stripmine with islands of aspen with a goldenrod understory and some spruce trees and autumn olive bushes scattered in. I found this covert last year and had several good hunts with Emma. Yesterday Thicket could only find a young turkey which she pointed handsomely. Once the flights start I hope this cover will again hold some woodcock.

The cover.

A happy dog.
Thicket's turkey point.

Back at the truck, tired but happy.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Signs of Fall

Everywhere I look I see signs of Fall.

Goldenrod always brings back memories of my youth. Hunting weedfields and grown over fence rows with my beagle Queenie, my first hunting dog.
A Hawthorn bearing particularly large fruit.

The signs of fall are signs of days to be spent afield making memories of hunts that are special not because of filled gamebags but because of the moments spent with a special dog and a special gun.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Liberty apples

I picked my Liberty apples this week. They could have hung on for another few weeks but the birds had found them and were taking more than their share.  A little tart but still a great tasting apple which should mellow after a little while in the refrigerator.

The bees were also liking the taste of the Liberty apple.


Liberty has a natural waxy "bloom".

Which easily rubs off and gives the apples a very shiny skin.

This is the second box the bear has torn down in this location.  Time to move it somewhere else.

I had company in the orchard.  A fawn who had just about lost his or her spots.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Deerfield

I made it out fishing one evening last week with Russell on the Deerfield section of the river.  Named after the herds of deer I used to see in the immense field than lays between the road and the river last week we saw only 2 deer on our walk out at dusk.

Last week we had fished 1/4 mile upstream with poor success, but this night the Fishing Gods smiled upon us and we had an enjoyable evening catching Smallmouth bass and Rock bass.

I lost the biggest fish of the night, a Smallie probably 15 inches or so, as I was trying to land it, but it was still a very satisfying evening with a good number of 10 to 13 inch Smallies and several large Rock bass.

Hopefully we'll be able to make it out several more times before the Hunting season enthralls us.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Checked on the hive yesterday and it looks like we'll be getting some honey from the girls this year.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mid-August Pics

After much searching I'm finally finding some Monarch Butterfly caterpillars.

Possibly one of the parents of the above caterpillars.
Eastman Sweet apple
I had high hopes of tasting this apple as the tree produced 10 or 12 nice apples. Sadly all but two disappeared last week. I blamed coon for taking them and set a "dog-proof" coon trap under the tree. Today when I checked the trap I noticed that the last two apples were gone, so now I'm blaming squirrels for their disappearance.
This Liberty apple tree began life as an Antonovka seedling in 2008.  In 2014 I grafted it with Liberty scion and this year it's carrying a nice crop for the first time.
Chestnut Crabapple has proven to be a delicious surprise.  What it lacks in size it makes up for in taste with a wonderful mix of tart and sweet flavors.

The wild Plums are almost ripe. They make an tasty snack while on my morning walks.

I'm rebuilding the fence around the bee hive and the orchards are in need of a mowing. My fishing trips have suffered greatly this summer.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

1st Fishing Trip

My Cochin chicken hobby and my apple orchards have kept me busy this summer. Also a lot of wet weather have all contributed to the late start to my fishing trips. This morning a little after 6 o'clock I parked at the Crippled Turtle section of Licking Creek.  I was disappointed to find a large swath of the creek bank mowed where I usually start fishing with a gas grill, various lawn chairs, and a concrete block fireplace.  I guess the owners of the land discovered what a beautiful spot they had and decided to enjoy it.

I have never caught many bass and no large ones along this stretch of the creek, but the isolation drew me back year after year. I waded upstream a bit from the campsite and fished for several hours only catching a handful of small smallmouth, but I did see a Great Blue Heron and an Osprey which made the trip worthwhile.

By the looks of his tail this little fella had a close call with a predator.
As the years roll by I seem to lose more and more fishing spots and never find new ones.