Thursday, July 20, 2017

1st Fishing Trip

My Cochin chicken hobby and my apple orchards have kept me busy this summer. Also a lot of wet weather have all contributed to the late start to my fishing trips. This morning a little after 6 o'clock I parked at the Crippled Turtle section of Licking Creek.  I was disappointed to find a large swath of the creek bank mowed where I usually start fishing with a gas grill, various lawn chairs, and a concrete block fireplace.  I guess the owners of the land discovered what a beautiful spot they had and decided to enjoy it.

I have never caught many bass and no large ones along this stretch of the creek, but the isolation drew me back year after year. I waded upstream a bit from the campsite and fished for several hours only catching a handful of small smallmouth, but I did see a Great Blue Heron and an Osprey which made the trip worthwhile.

By the looks of his tail this little fella had a close call with a predator.
As the years roll by I seem to lose more and more fishing spots and never find new ones.

Friday, July 7, 2017

More Bear Damage

The bear have broken a limb off my Adirondack crab and a Keifer pear.  The damage isn't too severe and although they will be a little misshapen they will recover and put out new growth.

My Ashmead's Kernel is loaded with apples this year and am holding my breath that the bear doesn't decide to help himself to the fruit.