Monday, February 8, 2010

Storm of 2010

Friday Feb. 5. The snow started falling lightly about noon. Coming from the south with lots of moisture the weathermen were calling for a big one. By Saturday morning we know just how big.

Janet's not built for this kind of a snowfall :).

I had managed to plow around midnight on Fri. but by Sat. morning I know the old Ford couldn't cope with this snow. Janet and my tracks as we waded out Sat. morning to take care of my elderly mother.

Sat. evening the cavalry arrived. Jim-B0b with his Kabota and bucket slowly cleared the lane.

Emma enjoying the snow.

After Jim-Bob cleared part of the lane Janet helped out with the old Ford "Chalmer".

The guineas were happy to have a path to run on.

By Sunday evening the lane was cleared nicely and all was well. We ended the storm with 23 inches. Luckily no wind, the power stayed on and we survived another winter storm here in our Allegheny mountains.