Sunday, January 24, 2016

RIP Copper

Evitts Mountain Copper passed away earlier this week.  Although she was my "back-up" dog and always lived in the shadow of Hattie she gave me some wonderful memories of our days afield.
Her first solid woodcock point.
She always hunted "on the fly".

Some of her points that I was able to "capture" over the years.

She was always a "camera shy" dog and never liked to pose for pics with birds so I have only a few.

The last bird I shot over her was this grouse that she handled like a true veteran.
She's resting now beside Hattie at the top of the Home Orchard where I can visit with them both daily.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ragged Mountain-North

A bout of arthritis in my neck has kept me out of the coverts, but yesterday Thicket and I took a short hunt in one of my southern coverts, Ragged Mountain-North. The game commission had taken the deer fence down around this clearcut this summer and we hunted around the perimeter.  Thick greenbrier on steep terrain makes this covert especially hard to hunt and although Thicket hunted hard I neither saw nor heard any flushes.