Thursday, July 20, 2017

1st Fishing Trip

My Cochin chicken hobby and my apple orchards have kept me busy this summer. Also a lot of wet weather have all contributed to the late start to my fishing trips. This morning a little after 6 o'clock I parked at the Crippled Turtle section of Licking Creek.  I was disappointed to find a large swath of the creek bank mowed where I usually start fishing with a gas grill, various lawn chairs, and a concrete block fireplace.  I guess the owners of the land discovered what a beautiful spot they had and decided to enjoy it.

I have never caught many bass and no large ones along this stretch of the creek, but the isolation drew me back year after year. I waded upstream a bit from the campsite and fished for several hours only catching a handful of small smallmouth, but I did see a Great Blue Heron and an Osprey which made the trip worthwhile.

By the looks of his tail this little fella had a close call with a predator.
As the years roll by I seem to lose more and more fishing spots and never find new ones.


CrazyED said...

Looks like a beautiful spot. Hard to beat the fight of a smallmouth, they sure are fun to catch. Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

GRSLVR said...

How is that any different than grouse covers. They are easier lost than found...