Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chalmer & Martha Together Again

Growing up on a farm my wife's dad worked the land with 2 tractors, a 861 Ford Powermaster and a 641 Ford Workmaster. After her parents passed away she was able to buy the 861 at the farm sale but the 641 was bought by a farmer that lived down the valley from her home. Over the years she has vowed to someday own the little 641. Last week her vow came true.

The smile says it all.

My wife Janet on "Martha" the 641 named after her mom and Caleb on "Chalmer" the 861  named after her dad. For many years they sat side by side in her dad's tractor shed, now they sit side by side in ours.

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Gary Thompson said...

I've always been a green and yellow fan, but love old tractors no matter the make.