Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Coverts & A Shocking Surprise

Emma and I headed north to try some new coverts.

Although the cover looked promising after 3 hours we had only found one woodcock.

As a last attempt to save the day I headed for a nearby aspen stand what often held a bird or two.  Walking back the old logging road I saw that the Game Commission had mowed the multi-flora & autumn olive that lined the road with some kind of huge brushhog mower. As the covert came into sight I got the shock of my life.
The nicest aspen cover that I have ever found in my part of Pa. completely gone! I realize that aspen needs to be cut to regenerate but this cover was far from mature. These are  pics from the edges that they left around the outside border.

I'm no trained forester but this cover doesn't seem too mature to hold birds.  Emma had one solid point but when I walked in to her all I found was some splash.

Time will tell if they made the right decision but for now I morn the lost of a beautiful covert.


Ed said...

The Pa Game commission....isn't known for doing things right
Grayphase, the whitetail deer program should explain that!!!!

Sorry to hear about your covert!

Anonymous said...

It happened to me Saturday as i showed up to a good doodle cover and it was gone. We did manage to find 3 on the outskirts of it.