Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Two Survivors

I walk my Back40 every day the weather allows it. On my last walk I saw signs that at least one grouse was surviving the wick winter we have been having.

 The tracks wandered into the upper corner of the Back40 which is dominated with blackberry canes and greenbrier tangles with some mountain laurel bushes scattered in, a suitable place for a grouse to live. I take my walks alone, although Emma would love to come along, for I feel that any grouse who has stayed alive this close to spring doesn't need to be disturbed any more than necessary in it's daily routine of survival.

This apple tree is also a survivor, of several bear maulings. All my bear damage has occurred during the early summer months and not in the fall when the trees are bearing fruit. The male bear are roaming at this time of year looking for a mate and perhaps the lonely ones are taking their frustrations out on my trees? I plan on pruning off the large branch that angles down toward the ground and graft scion wood to the small upright growing limbs and hope the bear pass it by this year.
The vernal pond just waiting to come alive with the first breath of spring, which can't come too soon.

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