Monday, March 10, 2014

Searching for Gypsies Part 1

Emma and I went out yesterday in search of the 1st woodcock of Spring. We headed for a covert just a mile or so above the Maryland border that I had discovered last spring and had held a few birds.

We were well into the cover before Emma's beeper collar went on point mode. I hurried along a narrow deer trail, with multiflora rose reaching out to slow me down and  reminding me why I should have taken the time to put on a pair of brush chaps. Her beeper got louder and louder but still I couldn't see her until finally there she was crouched beneath a tangle of kudzu vines.

I  moved in anxious to flush the first woodcock of the year, but alas in turned out to be an empty point. Although disappointed I never blame the dog for an unproductive point. I've seen too many birds run out from under a point and flush at a distance to not believe in my dog when she goes on point.

We worked in a big circle through the cover, finding only an old foundation.

At a large clearing I had a nice view of Evitts Mountain in the distance still cloaked in snow.

We made our way down through the open field and back to the truck with brier scratched legs and a muddy belly to show for our efforts, but with the satisfied feeling you get from spending time in a lovely covert.


Anonymous said...

Bummer no doodles yet but i bet it felt good to get out though.
should be funneling in soon.
Nice pics


Greyphase said...

Hi Chris

Yes it was a wonderful day to be afield .I'm afraid when the woodcock finally start coming through they'll be in a hurry to get north and won't stick around long.