Monday, March 23, 2015

Shawnee Creek & the Buffalo Covert

The woodcock proved to be scarce today. We started along Shawnee Creek. With it's spring flow we can't hunt the far side and have to make due with the cover on the near side of the creek.  We were probably 45 minutes into the hunt when Thicket's beeper finally went off. She was out ahead of me and I had two routes to take to reach her. As usual I took the wrong route and got hung up in an alder mess. When I finally broke free I saw her still holding point and quickly made my way to her. Just I drew closer she took several steps forward and the cock lifted without a chance for a pic of the point.

We hunted on to the far end of the covert where an old field is going back to brush. There she found another bird and held it for me to flush.
We moved on to the Buffalo Covert with it's nice looking cover.

Although Thicket hunted it hard all we managed to find in this cover was one bird that I flushed.
Back at the truck we still celebrated a wonderful day field.


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