Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1st Woodcock Run of the Spring

Thicket and I went to the Warrior Ridge covert yesterday in search of that elusive 1st woodcock of the spring migratory flights. The snow lay in patches in the covert with enough bare ground to give me hope of finding a passing woodcock.

Thicket hunted beautifully searching through the brush and brambles like a seasoned veteran. The Tek 1.0 tracking collar is a blessing to compensate for my poor hearing, telling me how far and in which direction Thicket was hunting. At times she would reach out to 150 yards before she would circle back to check in. Several times she exceeded the 150 yard limit and I would use the vibration mode on the Sport Dog shock collar to turn her back to me.
At the far edge of the covert I discovered a recent cutting by the game commission to release some wild apple and crabapple trees. The moist ground along a small brook  should make some nice woodcock habitat in years to come.

I wish I could tell of the woodcock that we found, but alas the covert was empty, but it didn't stop Thicket and I from having a wonderful walk in a nice setting.


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