Sunday, March 15, 2015

Magic Along Piney Creek

After spending 3 days walking through 5 of my woodcock coverts and not finding a bird, Thicket and I headed south to the Piney Creek covert. I just discovered this covert last fall and had good luck there and it didn't disappoint me today.

Thicket hunted like a seasoned veteran.

She found and pointed 4 woodcock. On the first 3 birds she crept forward and flushed them before I could reach her. Here she is on one of those birds.
On the last bird I saw her come to a sliding stop and twist her body to the left. She held the point and I walked in and flushed the bird.
Thicket is 9 months old, has never smelled a pen raised bird and only a handful of wild birds but today she showed me the magic our future holds.

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