Thursday, March 26, 2015

Piney Creek Once Again

I hate to "pound" a covert and am trying to go to Piney Creek only once a week, so yesterday was that day. Saw a lot of splash but only found 3 birds. Thicket pointed 2 nicely and I "over handled" her on the other bird. She had went on point and then started in creep forward so I whoaed her. She started to relax and I think she lost scent of the bird. I released her and she worked her way around a large barberry thicket as I walk around the opposite side. The bird flew out on my side "of course". I probably should have let her work the bird until she was sure she had it located. Memo to self  "let the dog point the bird, she's the one with the nose". :)

Here are her points for the day.

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