Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Just Another Morning Walk

One of my highlights of my morning walk is a stop at the Vernal Pond.  With the continuing wet weather it remains a magnet for all sorts of wildlife.
I spied these fellows along the edge of the pond.

Dragonflies are some of the most fascinating creatures that call the Vernal Pond home. Ferocious predators they patrol the pond with the ease of a fighter jet. Here's a link about Dragonflies that you might find interesting:

The Bluebird chicks are growing fast. Often times Bluebird parents are friendly birds that tolerate human presence but I've rarely seen this couple, mostly spotting them high in the trees our of camera range. However they seem to be doing a first rate job of raising their brood.
The Tree Swallow family is progressing nicely too.
I made the trip to the Chickadee box to clean out the nest and found the roof torn off. It was nailed on with 2 nails and I think nothing short of a bear could do that damage.
As I type this we are under a tornado warning so I'll be signing off and taking shelter.


Jeff Fetzer said...

Nice photos. I enjoyed the stroll.

Greyphase said...

Thanks for stopping by Jeff.