Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Typical Morning Walk

Since I've retired I take a walk around the Back40 every morning that weather permits. I thought that I would take you along this morning.

The fruit trees are always inspected on each walk to look for disease and insect damage.  It looks like the apple trees will have a fairly good year with several trees producing for the first time, but my pear trees are barren.

The wild plums look to have a nice crop.
I also check on the limbgrafts that I made this spring most of which are looking good.

I put up a number of birdboxes this spring and have a few being used.
These Chickadees are just about ready to leave the nest.
I was having doubts about a bluebird nest. Although it had 3 eggs in it I had seen only the male and I feared the female might have been killed, but this morning I was pleasantly surprised as the female flew from the box and I found 3 just hatched chicks inside.
I had never been able to attract Tree Swallows to my boxes for some reason. This morning I had another pleasant surprise when I spied this fellow sitting on top of a box.
As I watched the female swallow flew into the box with grass in her beak. Hopefully soon I'll have a nest of Tree Swallow chicks.
This White Birch is some what of a mystery.  Although they are not native this far south in Pa. this one seems to be doing nicely and makes a lovely specimen among the native Black Birch.
This Cardinal posed long enough for me to get a pic.
Rabbits also usually greet me on my walk.
Well it was a wonderful morning, but now it's time to head home to do some chores. Thanks for walking along with me in my little piece of heaven.

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