Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today started with an hour hunt along a small river looking for woodcock that weren't there. Next was an hour hunt through nice looking aspen in a stripmine that was barren of birds. Then we spent 2 hours hunting another stripmine with a mixture of pine & autumn olive. The birds, grouse, were there but Emma couldn't handle them bumping 4 with a couple of wild flushes thrown in. As the day was fading we tried one last spot, a wet patch of aspen,alders and misc. trees that I had never hunted before. Just out of the truck Emma goes on point and I walk up a woodcock that falls at my shot.
Emma's smile matched mine.
The little 16 ga. Belgium Bayard. The right cylinder bored barrel loaded with # 8 1/2 shot in a 2 1/2 inch roll crimped shell did the trick.


Silk Lines and Paper Hulls said...

Beauty! Looks like it was a nice day in the woods. What are you using as a press to roll crimp your loads? Also, are you cutting your 2 3/4 down or buying 2 1/2 hulls? Do you mind sharing your load formula for 16 ga 2 1/2?

Greyphase said...

Hey Gary

Take a look at my Oct 15 2009 post. It shows my roll crimping equipment. I'm using a Fiocchi hull & primer with 17 grains of Solo 1000 powder, 7/8 oz. of shot and a SG-16 wad. It gives me 1200 velocity and 7600 psi. Ballistic Products Inc. has the hulls and wads. Have alot of different recipes of 2 1/2 inch roll crimped 16 ga. Do you have a certain hull or powder in mind? The Hodgdon powder website has recipes for 2 1/2 inch Cheddite hulls. The pressures are for fold crimps but roll crimping should give you pressures nearly the same.

David said...

Way to go Rick! Congrats to you and Emma, looks like it was a fine day in the woods.