Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emma did her Part........but I Didn't

After a couple of hours of searching for woodcock with no luck, I decided to head for higher ground and look for grouse.
We finally found the grouse. The first 4 were wild flushes but the 5th one held for Emma and I moved in for the flush.
The grouse sailed down the ridge through this cover evading my two shots.

A Hercules Club after taking a load of #8 shot.

Back at the truck Emma asked for her share of the sandwich, which she had rightfully earned.


Silk Line River Horse said...

Ok... so I confess to being a rough grouse idiot. How in the hell could you ever hope to shoot anything in that kind of cover, let along take two steps forward?

I hope I'll get a chance to hunt roughs one day. When that time comes, I think I'll bring a 22" barrel gun or maybe my 410 Contender handgun.

Cool pics!

Greyphase said...

Hey Gary

Just your typical Allegheny Mountain cover. Sometimes you get lucky and you hit one......or it flys into a tree :).

Michael M. said...

Sharing your sandwich with Emma is like "Take a Boy Fishing or "He ain't heavy, ...."

That's the Good Stuff ;-)

David said...

Rough shooting covert Rick, looks like 3", #4's might be in order. Must be tough to get Olga up and swinging in there :) Great post...keep them rolling!