Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Day with Copper

The birds continue to elude me. Today Copper and I hunted the Doll Head cover. We moved 3 woodcock with 2 productive points and had 2 grouse wild flush out ahead of us. I had a shot at the second woodcock but Olga and I were "out of step" and it lived to flush another day. I seem to be shooting behind the birds, I think its a combination of those 29 1/2 inch barrels that I'm not getting moving fast enough and being to quick with the trigger or maybe it's just a regular shooting slump that every hunter encounters every now and again :). Spent an hour in a new cover that looked wonderful for both grouse and woodcock but came up empty there. By then it was mid afternoon and the temps were in the upper 60's so we called it a day. Here's a pic of Copper after the hunt.

1 comment:

David said...

At least your moving a few birds Rick. I think the bulk of flight birds have moved through already up here. Cop looks satisfied!