Monday, November 8, 2010

Thin Shooting

Hattie and I hunted a new covert that looked like a woodcock hotspot. We found only 2 woodcock with one presenting me with a shot. Collett the little Liege side by side's right barrel did it's job well. Pa's woodcock season ends this week. With warm weather forcasted for all week it looks like I will be missing the woocock flights again this year.


Silk Lines and Paper Hulls said...

What's your load for this gun?

Greyphase said...

Right barrel 2 1/2 inch Fiocchi hull, 7/8 oz shot, Solo 1000 powder 16 grs, Rem 209 primer, Ballistic Products SG-16 wad, 1150fps,6400 psi

Left barrel 2 1/2 inch Cheddite hull, 1 oz. shot, SR 7625 powder 19.5 grs, CCI 209 primer, SG-16 wad,1050 fps, 5600 psi.

Both loads were roll-crimped.