Sunday, March 22, 2009

Still chasin' Doodles

Ran Emma today first in the Hickory Leaf covert with several short points and several bumped birds then to the Shawnee covert. After a long circle we found a bird and in open cover no less. Finally a picture of a point that wasn't taken through heavy cover. Emma continues to progress toward becoming a bird step at a time.

The Point.

Deep in the Hickory Leaf Covert

Emma checking out some scent in the Hickory Leaf covert.

Our buddy checking us out at the edge of the Shawnee covert.


BlacknTan said...

Emma is a pretty pup, Rick! I could look all day at your pictures of her...

Greyphase said...

Thanks Bill. I'll tell Emma she has an admirer :). I think you'd enjoy seeing her in motion. She has a beautiful gait,really light on her feet and likes to run......not your typical "bootlicking Ryman" :).