Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 2 Success

A late start put me into a favorite Somerset Co. covert about 1:00. Emma was doing her best impersonation of a ROFTS (runoff fieldtrial setter) hunting for the most part out of my hearing range. About a 1/2 hour from the truck I flushed a woodcock. I whistled Emma in and as she circled furiously she almost stepped on another one that barely escaped her frantic lunge to catch it in midair. I weaved my way through excellent cover for the next 2 hours with no results. If Emma bumped into any they were beyond my hearing and eyesight. As I headed home I decided to try another smaller covert. We left the truck with Emma not quite so big running and hunted through some nice hawthorn thickets. We had almost completed our circle when suddenly Emma was pointing off to my right, I hurried over trying to find her in the cameras LCD but the cover was too thick. As I pushed my way through she broke off point, rushed in, and flushed the woodcock. Not a perfect point by any means, but much better than running over top of them. It was great to see her stop when she hit scent and hold a point. I think I may just have a birddog after all :).

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