Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 5 Fun with Jim-Bob

I headed north today with my nephew Jim-Bob, his setter Zeke and Emma. I had planned on resting Emma today and giving Copper a run but Copper somehow hurt her front left foot and was limping this morning. I couldn't find any thorns and cuts and am thinking she may have somehow sprained it. I had some new coverts to show Jim-Bob but with Zeke, who tends to run big when down with another dog, and Emma who is only too willing to try to keep up with him, I didn't really expect any stellar dog work. After a slow start Zeke found and pointed 2 grouse but Emma ran in and bumped both birds before we could reach them. Later Emma ran over 2 woodcock and the day wasn't looking too productive. Finally near the end of the covert Zeke went on point close by with Emma backing him. I was able to get a picture and then walk in and flush a woodcock. We tried another good looking cover but came up empty with Zeke tearing his ear on a brier and needing some medical attention. After much ear pinching and lots of Farnam "Wonder Dust" we got the wound to stop bleeding and called it a day knowing that we had some new coverts to play in next fall.

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AlphaSetter said...

That looks like it was a nasty tear. Its a good thing you had the medical supplies to take care of it right there. Could have been a real mess otherwise. I hope it heals up quickly.