Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 8 Back to Work

Day 8. I go back to work today on the evening shift so headed out early this morning with Emma to the Doll Head covert. Had hoped to have a pic of her pointing today but it wasn't to be. She had several points but every time I drew near she would run in and bump the bird. On the plus side she hunted very good and found at least 5 woodcock. Now I have to be patient and wait for the "light" to come on in her brain that tells her that she can't catch those birds so she might as well stand there and smell them. She'll have the rest of the week off to lay in her kennel and think about those smelly birds.

Smells good under here.

On the fly.


BlacknTan said...

Sounds familiar, Rick..
I once worked a night shift that I despised for two years so I could work with a pup..
Emma looks great!

Dual Setters said...

She's looking good Rick, fun to watch her come along.

Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

Love the mud look! One of the down sides of Spring runnin' is trying to keep the dogs presentable!

Greyphase said...

Thanks for looking guys. Hey Shawn I'm never very presentable so the dogs always look good beside me :).


AlphaSetter said...

Yea man. That dog looks to be hunting hard.
Its great once the mud really starts flowing, it just doesn't matter and more. Hopefully she got rinsed off somewhere before loading up.