Sunday, January 1, 2017

Wild Flushes and Empty Points

Emma and I hunted the Belden covert last week. The battery in my camera went dead part way through the hunt so pics are limited. It's a lung bursting climb up the ridge to get to the clear cut. Much of the cut is thick with blackberry briers with aspen and locust trees coming back. Right now I hunt mostly the edges.

I heard one wild flush and Emma had two empty points. After we made it back to the truck we traveled up the road a little ways to the Sandy Run covert. I had only been there once before shortly after it had been timbered off some years ago.  It's a cut on the side of a steep ridge with a logging road running through it. It had been fenced but now had the fencing taken down.  I walked the logging road with Emma working the steep slope. I saw two different grouse flush wild in the cut below the road even though Emma and I were nowhere near them. At the end of the cut I followed a road that ran around the lower part of the cut that had been pushed out when they had put up the fencing. Emma went on point in the tangles and I slowly worked my way in. She held tightly and even though I trampled the cover thoroughly I didn't flush a bird. If the weather holds I may try to get back to this covert for another try.

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