Monday, January 16, 2017

Finally Made it Back Out

The weather, health problems, and medical procedures have kept me out of the woods for several weeks. Things finally "lined up" and Thicket and I headed north today to hunt the Windy Ridge, Brady, and Irvin coverts.

I saw Thicket working scent below me but she crowded the grouse and it flushed out in front of her. Later her beeper went off  but before I could reach her the bird flushed. Whether she crowded it or it flushed on it's own I don't know.
This was only my second time hunting the Irvin covert. It looks like it should hold some birds and although Thicket hunted it hard we moved no birds today.

As we worked our way back toward the truck through the Brady covert something lying in the old gas well road caught my eye. When I picked it up I saw that it was the paper disc off the end of my roll crimped shell that I had shot at a bird Emma had pointed several weeks ago. A reminder of a bird I should have hit.
No birds were found in the Brady covert either so the hunt ended with two bird contacts. Hopefully Thicket  learned a little something from them.


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