Friday, December 30, 2016

Frugality Covert

Thicket and I hunted the Frugality covert this week.  Surrounded by a deer fence erected by the Pa Game Commission, it had been partially clear cut 10+ years ago and this summer the rest of the trees were removed.

It has a nice amount of aspen with maple, locust, and sumac scattered through it, and also some grapevines and greenbrier.

Thicket had one point about 80 yards away. I fought my way through the saplings, but as I drew near her beeper went silent and I found her hunting furiously in circles. Although I didn't see or hear a flush I have to believe she had a grouse pointed, but it flushed as I approached her.  Here she is cooling off in a mud puddle as the day warmed up.

 We tried two more covers, the first one was past its prime growing back mostly in Black Birch and the second was an old logging road running along some pine and apple tree cover. Neither spot held any birds so we called it a day.

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