Thursday, November 17, 2016

This weeks hunts

On Monday Emma and I hunted the Church Hill covert for the second time. This time the woodcock were scarce with Emma only finding 2 birds. I dropped one with my 16 gauge Husqvarna and missed the other one who was pointed in heavy cover.
Emma with the retrieve.
The 16 gauge Model 51 Husqvarna.  I bought this gun 5 or 6 years ago and after several misses and crippled birds I let it "migrate" to the back of the gun safe as my 2 Belgium guns seemed to fit me better. I pulled it out a few days ago to use again and have been shooting it extremely well having shot at 6 woodcock and dropping 5 using 6 shells.
On Tuesday Thicket and I hunted the Harrier Hawk covert. Although we hunted it hard no birds were found. We then moved to a new area that looked like it might hold some grouse. We only found one grouse and it flew out of a tree ahead of us.

We did find a nice bear print in the mud.
On Wednesday Emma and I headed for Shawnee Creek. Although we found only 3 'cock in the covert it was about as perfect a day as I could ever hope for.  The hunt started off slow with the 1st half of the cover holding no birds, but as we crossed the creek and started back on the far side of the creek Emma when on point in some hawthorns.

The bird towered through an opening in the haws and the little Husky's right barrel turned the bird into a puff of feathers and I watched it fall and hang up in a hawthorn.

Regrettably I centered the bird too well and it proved to be too shot up to be edible.
We moved on up the creek bottom with renewed vigor.  This area was a farm at one time and I sometimes find a reminder.
The final resting place of a Wood turtle.
I made a nice right barreled shot on the next bird and Emma posed
  proudly with it.
I was still stuffing this bird in my gamebag when Emma's beeper goes on point mode. I find her 50 yards away.
The bird gives me a straight away shot through the trees that requires me to fire both barrels to drop it.  One large female, one smaller male, and the little Husky.

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