Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Church Hill Covert

Hunted the Church Hill Covert yesterday with Emma, A rabbit hunter told me about this reclaimed strip mine where he sometimes jumped a "ton" of woodcock while hunting rabbits.

The birds were there and Emma put on a show. She started off by bringing in a pheasant with a broken wing.

Then she got serious.

My shooting hasn't been the best this year so I changed guns and carried Colette the Leige built 16 gauge.  I took 5 shots and dropped 2 birds, not great but it satisfied me. Emma had probably 5 or 6 other points in which the birds used the terrain to their advantage and didn't give me a chance to shoot.

I saw this little fellow sitting under one of  Emma's points.  I don't feel right about shooting a bird that has "looked me in the eye" so after a couple of pics I flushed it and watched it fly away.
These reclaimed strip mines have really surprised me with the amount of woodcock that some of them hold.

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