Thursday, November 24, 2016

Their on the Move.

Hunted Shawnee Creek with Emma yesterday and found a good number of woodcock.  The first bird gave me an open easy shot and I felt a twinge of guilt for shooting an obviously tired migrant bird. As the hunt progressed I soon changed my mind.

I walked into two birds in open cover and just after they flushed Emma checked in and hit the scent. I took several pics of her as she held point until the scent faded away.

Her next several points proved that not all the birds in the cover today were tired, as these birds twisted and dodged their way between the saplings giving me no chance for a shot.  I finally got a chance at a bird and dropped it with the left barrel.
The next bird we found broke my string of kills at 7 birds in a row as I missed a long but open chance with both barrels.  We found one more bird under a pine that used the cover to it's advantage offering me no chance for a shot. By now my legs were telling me that it was time to head toward the truck. With some difficulty I got Emma swung around and we called it a day knowing there were more birds resting in the cover but more than satisfied with the days results.


Howard Hoffman Jr said...

Beautiful pictures Richard and nice setter!

Greyphase said...

Thanks for looking.