Friday, April 1, 2016

Success with Thicket

Earlier this week Thicket and I were exploring a new covert looking for grouse.  We came to a bottom with a small creek running through it and Thicket suddenly goes on point under some sparse hawthorn. I tried to get the camera out of my pocket but the woodcock flushed without a pic. This is where the point occurred.
 Later I watched her working scent in some open cover near the creek and saw a woodcock flush ahead of her. No grouse were found but her woodcock point made the day.

I know the woodcock are nesting now but just had to see whether her point was a fluke or not, so the next day we headed to Piney Creek. We moved several birds but the only point she had was on a bird that flushed out ahead of us. As she worked her way past the point of flush she turned and held a nice point for a few seconds on the scent left by the woodcock.

Hopefully she has suddenly decided that woodcock are now a bird worthy of a point.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for next fall.

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