Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happenings around the Farm

My grafts have been sitting in the basement staying cool and dark to help callus the scion to the rootstock. With the opening of some of the scion buds I've moved some of them to the Man Shed to give them some light to green-up their new leaves.

40+ years ago Mom and I raised Cochin bantam chickens. They are a small docile chicken that lay a small egg and are mostly just "yard ornaments"  I bought a young hen and rooster last summer and just the other day the hen went to sitting on her eggs. In about 21 days I'll know if the eggs were fertile and hopefully will have chicks running around the yard.
The rooster is definitely lonely.

The weather is playing havoc with the apple buds this spring. With more cold weather in the forecast it is touch and go as too how the apple crop will fare.


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