Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Several More Mornings on the Water

Licking Creek along what I call the Eagle Pool. I had a Bald Eagle fly just feet away from me last year as I stood hidden by an overhanging tree. This year an Eagle flew by me again just yards downstream from last years sighting. Always an awesome thing to see.
The fishing was slow with a few young smallmouth fooled by my bait.
A Woods Turtle cooling himself in the shallows.
On this morning I waded the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River.

I waded downstream a good distance from the popular parking spot and immediately started to catch some smallies. Just as I was ready to call it quits I hooked into the fish of the day. A Smallie that stretched the tape to 17 inches. A nice thick fish, she gave me a great battle with several heartstopping jumps before I landed her.
Wills Creek had always been my "secret spot". I always caught plenty of nice smallies in this stream and never saw any signs of other fishermen. Last year I began to see some signs of others fishing along it's banks and yesterday I noticed even more sign. I fishing several spots and never had a strike, something unheard of in all the times I've fished here. Finally I walked "way" down stream to a special pool and did manage to catch a few smallies and to my surprise a Rainbow Trout

On my way back to the truck I saw this large white bird.
At home the Peterson Bird Book id'ed it as a Great Egret, the first one I've ever seen.

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