Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Fruitful Back40

Some of the fruits and nuts that I've planted over the years are bearing nicely this summer.  These are some Hazelberts, a cross between a Hazel nut and a Filbert. I planted 5 bushes 4 years ago and they are all bearing some nuts.

Some Ashmead Kernel apples from the tree that the bear tore up earlier this summer.

A Purdy apple. This variety was discovered growing on an old homestead in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

One of several Chinese Chestnut trees that are bearing for the first year for me.

This is a crabapple called the All Winter Hangover. Planted just two years ago it is bearing several crabapples this year and I will see if the apples indeed "hangover" all winter. It shows no sign of disease or insect damage and looks like a nice crab.

A pair of Keifer pears on a limb graft that I did last spring.
I've had plenty of disappointments in my "growing adventures" and it's nice to see some success.

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