Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fishing Trips from the last Couple of Days

Haven't been fishing for the last couple of weeks because my  wading shoes came loose from the soles. Even Duct Tape couldn't make them last until my new shoes came so when they did get here I was anxious to get in the water. Friday evening I hit the river.

Caught some smallies in the 8 to 10 inch range and was happy to be in the river. After about 2 hours my back was telling me to call it a night but my mind said try one last pool. I'm glad I did.
I pulled this nice 16 inch smallie in for my last fish of the night. She gave me quite a battle and jumped more than any fish her size that I have ever caught.

Early Saturday morning found me where Big Creek flows into Licking Creek.
My first cast produced this little fella. A healthy looking two year old by my guess.
A few casts later I hooked his momma.
17 inches of fighting smallmouth that had my heart pounding for several minutes as I battled her in her rocky pool. When it was over I helped her catch her breathe before returning to her lair.

I spent the rest of the morning fishing the creek above where Big Creek enters. I'd never went upstream before and found the water shallower and the fish fewer, but it was still a wonderful morning to be out on the stream.


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