Thursday, August 8, 2013

Early August Back40 Walk

 A walk around the Back40 revealed more bear damage. From the claw marks it looks to be a small bear. It doesn't bother with the apples in the trees, it just likes to climb them. Why it doesn't bother the oak, birch, maple, and other trees that grow in the Back40 remains a mystery to me.

A couple of close-ups of grafts that are healing nicely. I'm already planning next springs purchases of scionwood and rootstocks.
An old Russian apple tree called Purdy. Although the bear seem to like to "prune" this tree for the last couple of years it still manages to produce some fruit.

A Chestnut Crabapple. Although small it is a delicious apple.
A Meader Persimmon. It to was "pruned" by the bear.
The wild Plum are full of fruit. How the bear missed these I don't know. In another week or so I'll be enjoying some small but sweet treats.
A Butterfly Bush growing by the vernal pond. How it came to grown there is a mystery because I didn't plant it.
A harbinger of fall, a small Golden Rod plant tells me that summer is waning and fall will soon be here.

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