Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday & Wednesday Hunts

Tuesday found Emma and I in some lovely cover, an old railroad bed lined with crabapple and autumn olive. Beautiful cover for grouse and woodcock neither of which were found.

Hunted through some old fields of goldenrod bordered by large Norway spruce without success.

Hunted through an area of huge boulders. Here was a crack in the rock big enough for a man or bear to crawl in.

Here's a prescribed burn area. It's purpose is to suppress the faster growing birch and maple to give the oak,which is not bothered by the fire, a chance to survive.

A colorful fungi I spotted on an old log.

I know most people shoot them on sight, but my setters pay no attention to them so I let this one go on his slow plodding way.

Two wild grouse flushes were all the action Emma and I could find on this day.

Wednesday I had several appointments to keep and didn't get into the woods until noon with Hattie. We hunted Warrior Ridge looking for woodcock. We found only one near the end of the hunt sitting tight in thick saplings. I pushed my way in to flush the bird and took a poor right barrel try at it to no avail. The weatherman is calling for bluebird weather for the next several days with temps near 60 and little chance of rain. Not the kind of weather to get the woodcock moving, but we'll be out there wandering the coverts because that's what we love to do.

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David said...

Great stuff Rick. Nice to see you and emma out and at it often this season. be well