Saturday, November 5, 2011

Exploring new Coverts

Friday Emma and I spent the day exploring some new coverts. This cover consisted of old goldenrod fields growing back in saplings and spruce with a stream running through it.

As I walked the edge of the stream I remembered to look for muskrat holes in the thick goldenrod. A good way to break a leg. Sure enough I found several.

Finally the stream steered us into a wall of impenetrable alders and we had to turn back to the truck.

As we approached the truck Emma suddenly went on point. I moved in for the flush but no bird materialized. Emma broke point and started working scent furiously and I knew we had a running bird. Ahead of her I saw the woodcock flush and it winged its way past me for an easy shot that I passed on, figuring that Emma would learn nothing by my shooting a bird that she hadn't pointed solidly. Just one bird in this nice looking cover but on the right day I'm sure it could be full of woodcock.

We moved to another spot that featured a beautiful hollow full of aspen saplings that cried out "Woodcock". Today they weren't there.

But it did lead us to a huge strip mine growing back in nice looking cover. Emma had two empty points and later I hear a grouse flush in the vicinity that she was hunting in.

The temperature was heating up so we headed back to the truck. Along side some standing water I saw movement in the grass that turned out to be this fellow, sunning itself before winter drove it underground.

So ended today's hunt with no birds bagged but with new several coverts to hunt in the future. I'll catch up on work around the house this weekend and be back in the woods next week.


Dual Setters said...

Nice looking cover. Emma seems to be coming along fine during what seems to be birdless hours. Its tough bringing a young dog along round here any more. Sometimes I think young birds hop up into the trees while we approach and glide away with us never hearing them.

Greyphase said...


Sometimes I think young birds just don't exist. The few grouse I've found flush out ahead of us like seasoned survivors.