Thursday, November 10, 2011

Copper's Day Afield

Emma was looking pretty worn this morning so I took Copper for a short woodcock hunt. Her hips won't take too long a hunt any more, but we had a nice time afield with several points on woodcock and one grouse point. I only got a chance at one of the woodcock and had to drop both hammers but I was able to down the bird for her.

As usual she found and mouthed the bird and made me crawl into the thicket to retrieve it myself, but am glad I was able to shot a bird over her point to add to the memories we've made over the years.


David said...

Yay Copper! She's gorgeous.

Gary Thompson said...

Damascus barrels? What pressure loads do you use? lovely gun and famous looking dog!

Greyphase said...

David, thanks she is a cutie.

Gary, I'm shooting loads with a psi between 6000-6500.