Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Secret Shared Part II

After I had shared my smallmouth stream with Russell he insisted that I come fish a small trout stream where he had permission to fish that was carefully managed for lunker Rainbows. Catch and release, barbless hooks, and supplemental feeding had produced some enormous trout. Down a farm lane passed an old house and barn we arrived at a small stream lined with huge willow trees.
After a pleasant talk with the stream owners, a handful of fish pellets revealed the monsters that lived there.

The really huge "Bows" were content to wait for more pellets, but I was lucky enough to tempt this nice one with my offering and was rewarded with an exciting battle. In our haste to get pics and return the fish safely to the stream I forgot to get a measurement but it's safe to say it was the biggest trout I've ever caught. Just to let you known what type of person Russell is he refused to cast a line and was happy being the guide on this most memorable trip.


Dual Setters said...

Nice fish Rick. Its nice fishing water like that!

Greyphase said...

She put up a #@%%@ of a fight, that's a compliment coming from a confirmed smallmouth fanatic :).

The Avenger said...

Sir, what a lovely fish! And an excellant size too!

M Avenger