Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1st Scouting trip

On a tip from my vet I headed north in search of new coverts. A large hunting lease where he said his flush rate was as good as on his Michigan trips. As with any grouse hunter I'm always looking for new coverts, so leaving the setters at home because of the hot weather I journeyed into this unfamiliar cover. With the cover too thick for bushwacking I walked this old gas well road and was rewarded with 3 grouse flushes.
The remains of a large turkey. Perhaps a coyote kill ?
At another piece of cover I found aspen and marked my map accordingly.

Another area had an enormous amount of grapevines covering the smaller trees.

A sight to get any grousehunter's blood pumping. Another note on the map.

A sweet gum tree telling me that fall is fast approaching.
My dues have been sent in and I hope to have pics of some successful hunts with my setters and hammerguns this fall from my new hunting grounds.


Matt Ortiz said...

Looks those covers might hold some grouse.

Let us know when you return this fall.

Murphyfish said...

Hello Rick,
Following a tip off from Albert A Rasch on his blog rodeo post I've landed upon your blog. Must say that it's a good call by Albert, if you don't mind I'll tag along for a while.

Nebraska Hunting Company said...

Found you via Albert's Blog Rodeo. He's a gold miner that's for sure. Looking forward to visiting often!

Best to you,
Scott Croner™
Nebraska Hunting Company

Greyphase said...

Hey Boys thanks for lookin'. Pull up a chair. Fall's coming and I hope to have some hunting tales to tell.

Hippo said...

Like most of the others, I discovered your highly evocative blog through Albert.

I grew up in the Black Forest and, in the days when mothers could safely tell their children to go out and play and not come back until it was dark, my brothers and I ranged through forests and hills inhabited by deer, wild boar, a host of game birds and streams teeming with Bachforelle.

You live in a beautiful part of the world, one so similar to that of my youth and it makes me quite homesick.

Bob S said...


I found your blog through Rasch Outdoors too. Thanks for all the fine pictures! Don't get out as often as I would like, and I like to see what pretty country you live in!

Big Bob.