Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting the blood pumpin'

The leaf littered lane leading in the Doll's Head cover.
A view of the cover. Still thick with summer's vegetation. It will be thinning soon with the shorter days and cooler nights.
Lots of food in the Doll's Head this year.



I couldn't pass up this shot of a toadstool to add to my toadstool collection.

This volunteer appletree always seems to produce a bounty of fruit every year.

Last April Emma and I ended the spring training season with a woodcock point. Four months later she points the first one she finds and puts a smile on my face.

A little later on she makes me smile again.

Waiting on the tailgate for the brier pulling that follows an early season training session.

Although this cover had plenty of food we couldn't find the grouse that are often found there, but Emma's two woodcock points after 4 months of tweety bird watching definitely got my "blood pumpin'" Come on October.


Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

We're having the same problem here in Montana. My husband and buddy went out the first 3 days and never got a single grouse.
Enjoyed the dog work though.
Way to go Emma!!

Greyphase said...

Hi Karen

I've been following your husbands search for grouse and know all too well what he's going through. Luckily just being able to roam the woods with a dog is a real pleasure for me and if we find a bird well that's "icing on the cake" :).

David said...

Nice looking cover, although pictures never do them justice. Emma looks reday to go! 15 more days and we can go afield, can't wait myself. Looking forward to seeing what you guys get into this Fall. Where did you get that giant swiss bell? been searching high and low for one.

Greyphase said...

Hi David

Got the bell at Lion Country Supply. It's the only one that I can hear from any distance. Hope to see some pics of sucessful hunts on your blog this fall.

David said...

Thanks Rick. Going to order one up for sure. Ol' Ruff seems to be hanging in his usual haunts, shaping up to be a productive season. I'll try and snap some pics of a few new coverts i'm going to scout tomorrow.

Dual Setters said...

Was out yesterday myself Greyphase. Its getting close, you and the dogs look ready.