Friday, July 30, 2010

A Secret Shared

There are only a few people that I share my smallmouth streams with. My wife, Caleb, my great-nephew, and now Russell. I met Russell several years ago when he was hired as summer help in the distribution center that I work at. A college student working towards his teaching degree, he impressed me with his love of fishing and hunting. He is one of the rare people who I've hunted and fished with who enjoys the experience of being on a stream or in the woods and if fish or game are found so much the better, but these ventures afield are not gauged by the weight of his creel or gamebag but rather by the sharing of a meandering stream or brushy grouse covert. Russell's teaching now near the Chesapeake Bay but still finds time to occasionally come back to these Allegheny Mountains that are home to him. The following pictures were taken on one of my secret smallmouth streams that I've trust it's location to Russell with.

The water. Low with lots of rocks, walking is required to reach the deeper holes that the smallies thrive in.
Fish on!!! The start of an enjoyable evening.

The first fish, a nice chunky smallie that brings a smile to Russell's face.

Some nice Rockbass were also found and returned to the stream.

As the sun started to set the action increased.

The fish of the night. All the fish were caught on my hand-poured plastic worms that Russell like to brag up :).

A long walk through a hayfield and along the back country road to the truck ended an enjoyable evening that hopefully will be repeated soon.


Dual Setters said...

Nice looking water. Where was that at? :) Looks like a good day astream.

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Russell has the same look on his face in every pic.......there's a gigantic smile one it! Looks like a pretty little stream and nice assortment of fish! Way to go, Russell.