Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Gun Safe Gets a Little Fuller

Here's my latest attempt to quench my thirst for hammerguns. She's a little Belgian Bayard in 16 ga. of course. Built in 1930 if I have figured out her watertable markings right. 29 inch barrels, sideclips, and a nicely figured stock she looks good sitting beside my two Swedish Huskys. Haven't had a chance to shot her at the pattern board yet but she really dusts the claybirds when I do my part so she'll probably go to Mike Orlen to have her chokes opened up for my grouse and woodcock coverts.


Anonymous said...

That is sweet, Rick. Congratulations and good luck this fall with her.
MIke Orlen does great work and is a wonderful guy!
He opened up Elsie for me.

Greyphase said...

Thanks John. Looking forward to carrying her this fall and maybe even shooting her :).