Sunday, May 24, 2009

West Virginia Road Trip

Our destination on this trip to West Virginia was Spruce Knob, at 4863 feet the highest peak in West Virginia and also the Allegheny Mountains. A wind-swept desolate place with its Red Spruce trees limbs pointing eastward caused by the westerly winds and its stunted Birch and Maple trees growing in small gnarled clumps. We lucked into a beautiful day as you can see by the following pictures.

Views from the 1/2 mile long Loop trail on the summit of Spruce Knob.

A dead spruce tree along Loop trail that my wife thought "needed a hug".

A Trillium along the Loop trail on Spruce Knob.

These Birch trees on the top of Spruce Knob were only now on May 22 starting to leaf out.

Some sort of fungi growing on a Red Spruce limb on Spruce Knob.

A stand of wild Geranium along a mountain road.

The flower of the Cucumber Magnolia tree.

After visiting Spruce Knob we headed west to the Sinks of Gandy area of WV.

The southern entrance of the Sinks of Gandy. Gandy Creek travels under a spur of Yokum Knob for about 3000 feet before reemerging.

Some of the large meadows that make up the Sinks of Gandy region of WV.

And so ended a beautiful day, one of so many that we have enjoyed in the mountains of West Virginia.

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