Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Early June Walk over the Back 40

A damp evening too wet for the yard work that seems to always await me this time of year was a perfect time to take a long overdue walk over the Back 40. Here are some of the things I saw on my hour long hike.

These Blackberry blossoms are a prelude to the juicy sweet fruit to come.
You'll find me along this path with a berry bucket during the first weeks of August.

The Mountain Laurel blossoms are at their peak this time of year.

Multiflora Rose. An invasive plant despised by many. It can be a valuable food and shelter plant for a multitude of wildlife if controlled.

A Multiflora Rose blossom promises to produce a bounty of berries for the grouse.

A witches broom on a Multiflora Rose. Caused by a virus it is naturals way of controlling this invasive plant. I have had several rose bushes die from this disease.

Wild grapes forming on the vine. What every grouse hunter yearns to see.

The apple trees will be a popular place this fall for the deer, bear, grouse , etc.

The Hawthorn trees promise to bear a good crop this fall also.

The wild Cherry starting to bear its fruit.

A Norway spruce that someday will provide shelter of a variety of wildlife.

Some of the seed heads of the grasses that I'm trying to maintain in the old pasture section of the Back 40.

I wasn't the only one enjoying a cool evening stroll over the Back 40

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